I’m Lara, a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator & Reiki practitioner with a background in Emergency & Community Nursing.

I hold space for others to cultivate curiosity, connection & community after finding themselves in a state of overwhelm, burnout and disconnection.


Creating integrated experiences through breath-body practices, coaching & education, others are encouraged to explore and own their definition of health.

By tapping into simple holistic practices, ayurvedic wisdom, nature’s rhythms and the science of habit change, a sense of empowerment is developed to step into a place of agency and leadership in ones own life & health.






10 weeks ago I was thinking of every excuse I could to justify NOT following through with the group. I was very self conscious and down in the dumps and was withdrawing from many family and friends. The holidays only amplified the emotions. Having to pull myself together to “show up” on Tuesdays was a bigger deal than I realized. Week by week as I read and learned, I realized that much of this practical information was old but forgotten wisdom that I’d been exposed to 30 or 40 years ago. Pulling all of this out [of my mind] in the company of friends was really good for me. It validated so many years of thoughts and philosophies. It was reassuring enough for me to look into getting a lifelong eye problem corrected. I finally realized that I was WORTH getting my eye corrected.
I had always put my wants and needs behind others and never let myself really have Hopes and Dreams of my own.
So here I go.... maybe I have opened a Pandora’s Box.... but I hope that I can take all new & good things in moderation and make every day count.
When listening to the recordings, I always learned something new from Lara. I felt like I had been to see a psychologist or a therapist at times, because she has such valuable information to share. I Learned so much and always am inspired by Lara’s knowledge, compassion and dedication toward helping others. Thank you Thank you! Namaste
I felt very supported by talking to my coach. She listened to me with patience and empathy. I felt her passion to help me and her love towards what she did. I trust her. I felt very comfortable to share what was going on in my end. She was professional. She helped me to find out different solutions to change my old habits, building up new habits and how to maintain them.
Everything was explained well and it was fun. I liked the group video chats, more connective than just messaging. More emotional and feeling like you are in an actual group. Holds you more accountable. The book was good and informative. easy to read. The videos were nice, great to have a face to the name and get the personality and normal side comments of real life talking through the subject. (You’re just like us moving through life... achievable goals) The workbook was very helpful to bring the book more off the pages and into action.


From the perspective of a beginner student of yoga, Lara takes the time to understand and then teach each of us given our capabilities and goals. Her yoga approach is soothing and totally enjoyable. I have not encountered another yoga teacher with the grace and vibe that Lara offers in every session. She is my yoga goddess!
— Marty M.
Your ability in a larger group setting as well as the small setting, to provide a safe environment (emotionally & physically) are a great asset. I always leave “whole” and in a positive state. I can sense a healing touch from you.
— Eva T.
I am looking forward to each session as I believe it has benefitted my physical and emotional wellbeing. I am agreeing with my wife (and others) that you have a healing touch! Now all of this coming from a guy who didn’t believe in yoga per-say...did not think it was for me!
— Milton T.
“Your classes have allowed me to concentrate on reducing stress and focusing on breath. I feel like each class is a mini therapy session, giving me space to breathe away all of my anxiety. I love that the focus is on our breath and more on restorative poses vs. pushing past our limits. Your voice is calming and reassuring, which allows me to focus on sinking deeper into each pose. Your ability to succinctly explain which muscles to activate even when they are one’s that we don’t normally use, gives me the foundation to deepen each stretch and get the most out of every pose. Your teaching style is one of care and attention, providing us with the tools we need to heal our bodies.
— Ashley W.