7 Week Community Program

Developed by Chelsea Roff – a former sufferer who found healing from anorexia through the practice of yoga and the community with which it provided her – the Eat Breathe Thrive community program was created to seed small networks of support, “Thrive Tribes,” for people to support one another in healing from food and body image issues on all ends of the spectrum.

Through the integration of yoga, community and service projects, the Eat Breathe Thrive ™ six-week series provides participants with valuable tools for cultivating resilience and self-compassion – both of which has been found to be fundamental to reducing the risk of eating disorder occurrence, in addition to contributing to overall mental health and emotional well being.

Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll embark on a journey of self-exploration and growth with the support of a small group of peers, using the tools of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry as the guide.  You will learn practical tools for tracking hunger and fullness signals (intuitive eating), coping with difficult emotions , and cultivating a more compassionate relationship with your body . You’ll come away feeling inspired, capable, and supported by an amazing circle of friends.


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Our community program has been offered in small group setting as well as in a school setting.  

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