Build your own yoga class!

Wish you could have a yoga class with you and a few of your favorite people?  Creating a small class full of friends with the same vision can be so powerful.  A class filled with intention, connection & continuity as you are able to dictate the content and flow of the class, receive one on one guidance & care.


See below a list of current classes that have been created in our community.


Yoga for Cruisers (Men's Class)

An all men's yoga class, ages ranging from  30 - 88!  These sailors need to stay agile to enjoy their passion to the fullest (and fit in those tiny holes to make all the repairs) so a focus on increasing flexibility, balance & strength is imperative.  A mix of standing poses & chair's used to assist and enable participation from all members no matter the age or ability.  A stress free zone to explore your edge & build community so you can maintain both you & your boat!  


Yoga for Cruisers (Flow Yoga)

These salty sailors know what they want & know how to make it happen.  With dedication & passion for their practice, they make the absolute most of the hour that we are together.  They multitask, mitigate & make repairs all day long... but as soon as they walk through the door, it's full on focus, replenish & restore.   A practice filled with a beautiful mix of strength, introspection & restoration fuels these powerhouses!


What does your class description say?

Restorative Yoga infused with Reiki?  Chair yoga?  Yoga for Stress Management? A flow class with plenty of time for savasana?  A kids yoga class?

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