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What's Your WHY? Reverse Engineer Your Habits. LIVE Online Workshop

What's Your Why? Reverse Engineer Your Habits.

LIVE Online 2 hour workshop 

Do you have habits that you wish you could break but can't seem to make the new habits stick?  Are you sleep deprived and in a constant cycle of stress & overwhelm? Do you often use food as a way to cope with stress or uncomfortable emotions?  Let's break it all down, discover YOUR "WHY", where the dis-ease stems from and rebuild conscious, sustainable habits that will support your nervous system & daily thrive.

Join me for this highly interactive & engaging workshop that includes tons of practical tips but also experience simple yoga practices that will help you embody the concepts that we will be exploring.

  • Dive into understanding how your nervous system functions & how to navigate it in a way that supports optimal daily thrive. 
  • Discover how to reset by using breath work, self-massage & yoga poses to calm the nervous system.
  • Evolve your relationship with food & emotional awareness by decoding the bodies signals. 
  • Learn practical tips to create an embodied experience & mindful habits, as you learn to create nourishing mealtime routines, deeply nurturing self-care practices & heighten your self-awareness. 

Grab your computer, yoga mat and a cup of tea as you connect with a supportive community on the same journey.  You'll leave feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to take on the holiday season with ease and grace.

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