Overcoming Overwhelm

You down with O.P.P?

(Other Peoples Priorities)

Yeah, you know me!


To opportunities, helping out, picking up shifts, creating events, going to events, organizing play dates, dinners, signing up for one more course, one more outing... you know the drill. But to be honest, I usually end up regretting it, feeling resentful or burned out by January.

This year I'm really trying to take a step back and bring a deeper awareness to what lights me up and brings me joy. What makes me feel energized & excited about my day, week, month and do more of THAT! This requires me to also honestly look at what is dragging me down, unnecessary obligations or a time filler that is wasting precious time. It's about getting back to the basics and keeping it simple.

Fall is a prime time for over scheduling, over committing & overwhelm. A transition time that can tend to take on a life of its own if we aren't careful. When we look at a new "year" it feels so exciting to say YES, to add one more thing to the calendar because it all sounds so good. We have our standard commitments & then the requests from others start filing in. Of course don't forget the holidays, all the (fun & exciting) extras... but before you know it, you're burning the candle at both ends.

If we can allow ourselves to slow down and bring in an awareness of this transition & seasonal shift we can use it to our advantage by creating intentional rhythms, practices & maintain clear boundaries when it comes to commitments.

In Ayurveda, fall is a also known as vata season (which is cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable) and will be less aggravating if you fill it with warmth, oiliness, deep nourishment, loving relationships, and a sense of stability, routine, and groundedness.

We bring balance in by working with opposites. So to settle the overwhelm we need to become clear in our priorities, minimize obligations/commitments & establish a rhythm to soothe and nurture our body mind & spirit on a daily basis.


The overwhelm & chronic overcommitment is a theme that is ringing loudly talking to those in my community. It knows no bounds, whether you're a full time Mama, working, single, have a family, it feels universal this time of year.

But it doesn't have to, let's explore a better way & create an action plan...TOGETHER!

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OCTOBER 19, 2019


 Learn practical, holistic tools that will not only reduce stress but also build a sense of rhythm, vitality and ease within your body, mind & family. 

Embrace natures energetic rhythms and explore simple solutions to:

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