Make a 1% shift and reap the rewards

Do you often feel like a work in progress?

Breathe deep and remember...
there is no end game

Life is always keeping us on our toes & the goal is to equip yourself with enough tools to move through the obstacles with a sense of confidence, resilience, curiosity & ease.  

Each day we navigate responsibilities, relationships, deadlines, expectations, not to mention the weight of others experiences and expectations.  Building an awareness of our emotional landscape as we move through our day and take a few minutes to process is one of the best ways to support ourselves when dealing with challenges. 

But this takes time right?? And who has TIME?  We can't control some of the chaos & unknowns that are thrown our way BUT WE CAN set ourselves up to have a day that has a sense of rhythm and intention.

By creating habits that sets up an environment that truly supports flow and ease is key.  Taking a proactive stance in architecting your environment for success by automating daily habits can make a world of difference.  When the day to day is automated, we create a little more time and space in the day to breathe, move & connect to those that we love.  

So I ask you... what is ONE SMALL CHANGE that you can make that would make life 1% easier? 

  • set a positive intention for the day and take 3 big breaths each morning before your feet hit the floor

  • move or stretch for 1 minute before checking your email

  • set (workout) clothes out the night before

  • double batch dinner so you have extra for lunch

  • set up CSA box delivery to reduce # of grocery runs during the week

The list is just to get you thinking, but pick ONE small UNDERwhelming action you can take to make tomorrow just a little bit easier???


If you find yourself feeling stuck & not sure where to start?

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