Rooted in Rhythm

As we reach the end of summer, I find myself looking forward to the regular rhythm, structure and routine that the fall schedule allows.

Though summer is most definitely my favorite season, it can tend to lend itself to irregular schedules, lack of sleep, adding ONE. MORE. THING., increased indulgences & pushing the limits.

Anyone with me?

It did allow me to look deeper into how it is that I keep a sense of daily rhythm both within myself as well as keeping our family afloat despite the more erratic schedule we hold during the summer or when the overwhelm of life just happens.

I noticed their were 3 core habits that would cause me to either sink or swim.

They are simple enough but implementation is key:

  • Movement & Meditation in the morning (even just 1,5 or15 minutes)

  • Eating a larger lunch to properly fuel myself during the day - creating a deeper stability both physically & emotionally

  • Getting to bed by 10pm - before I hit my second wind.

Here are a few examples of ways I try & create a sense of ease & kaizen my approach:

Look for places where structure already exists (habit stacking).

Monday - Friday my husband works 9-5, so it's easier to build habits where I can stack one on top of another. This then also allows more freedom into our weekend plans, knowing 5/7 days my habits are in place. Allowing a deeper resiliency on the days when the 3 habits don't happen.

Letting go of the all or nothing approach.

Alarm didn't go off?
Ok, your morning movement/meditation practice is now simply 3 conscious breaths and setting an intention for the day before your feet hit the floor.

On the go & no time for a big lunch?
Try & make it as protein dense as possible so the energy will last till dinner.
There is nothing more chaotic than picking up kids from camp or school and you're ALL hangry & melting down!

Deadline you can't miss causing you to stay up later?
Set a timer and still allow 30 minutes to unplug & step away from the screens. Dim the lights, read a book, massage the feet. Give your body obvious signals it's time to wind down.

These are just a few examples, but I feel SO passionately about these magical gems. It's has proven to be a lifesaver whether I'm on overload mentally, physically or emotionally.

I'd LOVE to hear where YOU find success in finding reprieve in the ongoing demands of summer. What works for you? How do YOU keep yourself grounded & nourished during more chaotic times?

May we root to rise and rest easy in the rhythms we create for ourselves.