My Mission                                   My Story


Ki to Kaizen's  mission is to give others practical holistic tools to tap into their intuition, resilience & emotional intelligence so that they feel empowered to evolve, be proactive in their choices & create an environment where their mind & body can thrive.

A deep passion for holistic health started over 20 years ago after a long battle with anorexia, depression and anxiety. During my period of discovery and many evolutionary experiences, I was able to use yoga to reconnect with my body and reiki to interpret the information it was sending me. As my mind and body began to settle, I started to look within for the answers.   As a Mother, Nurse, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher I have been able to witness others experiences and the many different manifestations of stress & overwhelm in both their bodies and minds.  As a witness to this wide spread shared experience of dis-ease, I was prompted to share my story and my healing journey.  My desire to inquire deeply has fed my passion of life long learning, constant evolution, and has paved the path to my recovery. I am committed to empowering others to find their own path to wellness, fostering honest conversations & connection.  Bringing together those with a shared vision and building  a community that offers a shared commitment to evolution, ongoing support, accountability while celebrating  acceptance, authenticity & self love.